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Where will you spend eternity?

So, Let me ask you a question, if you died today, do you know for sure you will spend eternity in Heaven? Most people hope they will go to Heaven, but they are not 100% sure that they will go to Heaven. Some, think they can earn their way into Heaven by being a good person, going to church, or giving money to charities, But the truth is, no one can earn their way into Heaven, because Heaven is an absolutely perfect place! The Bible says in Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.”.  This simply means that everyone has made mistakes, there are no perfect people. If you are honest with yourself you can admit that you’ve done things that are wrong, everyone has.

In Romans 6:23, the Bible says “The penalty for sin (wrong doing) is death….” When I first read this, I was shocked and thought that God had to be cruel and harsh! But as I studied the Bible I found out the truth. It’s not that God wants to harm anyone at all, God loves us very much! This phrase, “The penalty of sin is death..” is not referring to punishment God wants to inflict on us, but rather, it is referring to the punishment we inflict on ourselves by the unwise choices we make. For example: Many times family members will argue and fight with one another. They will say and do things that are unkind, unloving, and ought not be done. The effect of husbands and wives, moms and dads, or brothers and sisters fighting and saying unkind words is huge! Everyone has fallen into the trap of saying unkind words, and we have all felt the pain that an unkind word can cause! So, if we were to try and get to Heaven on our own ability we could not do it, because, we’d all start saying and doing things that are unkind and unlovely, and Heaven is a perfect place, where there is perfect peace, and perfect joy, and perfect LOVE! 

I have good news for you! Jesus Christ made a way, so that you can be 100% certain that you will go to Heaven.  Jesus was crucified on a cross for your sins and my sins! He took the punishment that we all deserved upon Himself.  For example, lets imagine for a moment, that someone stole something of great value called  “Perfect Love”, and in the court room and the Judge slams  the gavel down and says, “Guility, the penalty for this crime is a death!! The fine for this crime is so high because there is nothing more valuable in all the world than “Perfect Love” ”.  Then the Judge says, “Even though, I am the Judge, and I have done nothing wrong, I am sentencing myself to death! I here by decree that  my death will be a payment for this crime! I am taking your punishment on myself so that you can live! I want you to know that I love you very much! I am doing this so that “Perfect love” may never die in your heart. I never want you to forget how much I Iove you!”

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, He spilled His blood to pay the price for your sin, my sin, and the sin of the whole world! Why Did He do this? The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the World that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not die, but have eternal Life.”

If you would like to know the God of “Perfect Love”, Jesus Christ, and know for sure you will spend eternity in Heaven Pray this prayer from your heart right now:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins and I believe that you rose from the dead.  I ask you to come into my heart and life. Help me to understand and experience your great and unending love for me! I promise to live for you to the best of my ability, and I will never be afraid to live for You, Jesus! Because I know you always want the very best for me! Amen!

Things You Need To Know

*  Jesus Christ is a real person. He is Alive and Well!

*  Jesus is still healing people of sickness and disease today, through those  who believe in Him and who are willing to believe that He can work through them to reach the world with His love and healing power (This is not a metaphor. This is reality.)              


*  Since you prayed the above prayer from your heart you are now in the family of God!

*  You are a new person. Alive on the inside! The Bible calls this “Born Again” ( John 3 )    

*  Love and acceptance is the greatest thing you can have in life!

*  First you need to develop a  “Love Relationship with Jesus Christ” ( Remember He is real, and you can really know Him!) Jesus' love is perfect and unselfish. He gave His life to save yours!)

To grow in your "Love Relationship with Jesus"

*  Read the Bible everyday. It is His love letter to you!

*  Pray every day. Take time to give Jesus praise and worship. Talk to Him from the deepest part of your heart. Have no fear! He loves you greatly. Be still and give Him time to speak to your heart! He will!     


* Secondly, you need to develop  “Loving Relationships “ with other people

   who understand and are full of Christ's love.

​*  The Best place to learn how to be in a relationship with Jesus and to discover loving relationships with people who know Jesus, is in a good church.

*  Find a loving church family of "Born Again" people, and go there often!


If you prayed the above prayer to invite Jesus Christ into your heart, take a minute to send us an email or call 1-515-422-2725 and tell us about it! We'd love to send you a free Bible and some literature to help you grow in your new life and relationship with Christ! 


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