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Cory's full healing Testimony!

Joe Dawson healed of Steel Rods in his back

Growth disappears from girls face over night

Kailee Horn healed of endometriosis

Shawna Stevens healed of severe back and nerve pain

Blind eye healed at The Ashtabula PCG

Dawn Conn's leg grows about an inch all pain leaves her body

Jan Doty healed at Wal-Mart.

Lady healed on the streets of Newton, Ia

Sheila lacy Healed of Chronic Foot Pain

Homeless man Adam Keller healed on the streets.

Elbert Hanna healed of Lump in stomach.

Cynthia Ferrel healed of knee and foot pain.

Cindy Osborn healed of  diviated septum

Susie Klindt healed of degenerative discs.

Jeffrey Walker healed of back pain.

Cindy Klein healed of burry vision from gluacoma.

Young man healed of shoulder pain.

Katie Meadows healed of digestion problems.

Pamela Riffe healed of severe neck and back pain

Herbert Hoover healed of 10 years of shoulder pain!

Becky Johnson healed of Hematoma.

Brian Baker set free via a word of Knowledge.

Testimony about a women healed of Scoliosis on the streets

Miracle Testimony Montage

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