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The folowing photo's and biographical information are for use on promotional publications, such as event flyers and church announcements, news print advertisements,  and online event advertisements . If you are a pastor or event organizer and we have a scheduled event with you, we give you full permission to download and use our photos and biographical information contained on this page for the purpose of announcing and promoting said event. 

Photos that appear to have a grey background are PNG file format with a transparent background.

To download photos: left click once on the desired photo, then right click the expanded photo and "save image as".

Short version for flyers:


Do you need a miracle healing? Do you need freedom in your heart? Do you want encouragement to walk stronger in your faith? Come expecting to receive what you need from God!

Jason and Sarah’s ministry is  characterized by instant manifestations of healing, miracles, and equipping Christian believers to operate in God’s love and miracle power! 

Be blessed by the music ministry of Sarah Fath



Long version:


Rev. Jason Fath's primary focus in ministry is reaching the lost and hurting through conducting miracle and revival meetings in churches across the U.S. and also by training Christian believers to evangelize with prophetic utterance, miracles, signs, and wonders following.


Jason was born in Des Moines, IA on the eighth day of May 1980. Ever since He was a young child his heart has been filled with a deep longing to see people touched and healed by God's love and miracle power. It was a common occurrence for him as young boy to lead his friends to Christ, pray with them to be healed, and even be filled with the Holy Spirit. 


Jason is a graduate of three Bible schools, Supernatural Ministries Training Institute, The Academy of Excellence, and Rhema Bible College. While attending Rhema Jason was an appointed leader of evangelism over the student body and since graduating from Rhema in 2006 he has evangelized weekly on the streets with signs following, trained others to evangelize, and consulted and trained several churches with their own evangelism outreach ministry. His ministry has touched countless thousands with the gospel, both nationally and internationally. 


Jason and his wife Sarah were married on November 22nd, 2015 and currently they minister together with their four children Yonah, DJ,  Analia, and Jasiah traveling all over the United States. Jason and Sarah's ministry is marked by vivid demonstrations of God's love, prophetic utterance, and miracle healing power. Sarah is a talented and anointed vocalist and worshipper. Not only is she a vital part of the ministry she is a full time mother, and she home schools on the road to make traveling ministry possible.


Jason, Sarah, daughter Yonah, and son David John (DJ) currently reside in the Des Moines, Iowa area. 


Rev. Jason: "Have you ever wondered how to failure proof your life?  Live a life of Love! The Bible says "love never fails!" If you will be a person of love, it will be impossible for you to fail."         1 Corinthians 13:4-8 


For more information check out their website:

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