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Meet our Family



From Left to right: Yonah, Analia, Jason, DJ, Sarah, and Jasiah.

About Jason Fath:

Jason was born on May 8th, 1980 in Des Moines, Iowa. God placed a desire within his heart for ministry from a very young age. Often times he would see people who were crippled or blind as a young boy it would cause him to cry and have an overwhelming urge of compassion to help them. It was a very common occurrence for Jason to minister to his childhood friends by leading them to Christ, praying with them to be healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. As Jason grew this continued through high school and into his early adult years when he attended several Bible schools including Rhema Bible College. While attending Rhema Jason focused his studies on evangelism and was also appointed a leader of evangelism over the student body. After graduating from Rhema in 2006 he returned to Des Moines, started an evangelism outreach while working at a local hardware store. In 2012 the call of God to do ministry full time became as a burning fire shut up in his bones. It was then he began to make steps toward full time traveling ministry. In 2015 Jason met the love of his life, Sarah Lee, through a mutual ministry connection, they became friends and eventually were married on November 22nd, 2015. Currently Jason and Sarah are full time traveling ministers with their four children, Yonah, DJ, Analia, and Jasiah.

About: Sarah Fath

Sarah Fath was born on June 13th, 1987 in Des Moines, Iowa. Similar to Jason, God placed a desire within Sarah at an early to help people and be in full time ministry. Sarah sang her first song in church at the age of four years old. Sarah grew up in ministry. Her Father Ron Carpenter has been an evangelist for many years. When Sarah was just a little girl traveling evangelists would come to her church and set up tent meetings. She would always say to her parents,  "I want to go live with the evangelists in their motor home."  On Noverber 22, 2015 Sarah and Jason were married and thus began the beginning of her desire all those years ago to be a traveling minister. It was clearly the hand of God leading so that His plan and purpose which He had put in her heart so many years ago would be fulfilled in her life. Sarah is an anointed teacher, preacher, and worship leader. 

Yonah Fath: Born April 29th, 2008 - Yonah wants to be in full time ministry. 

David John (DJ) Fath: Born June 25th, 2010 - DJ loves cats, making things with his hands,
and hunting. He also enjoys helping out with Jason Fath Ministries events. 

Analia Fath: Born November 14th, 2018: Analia loves to draw, paint, and snuggle with her mommy.

Jasiah J. Fath: Born September 1st, 2022 -  The name Jasiah means "Jehovah heals", the name Joseph means "increase", and the name Fath means "one who can't lose"


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