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Analia and Jasiah love to play outside, especially when it involves making what Analia calls “soup” which is a mixture of mud, water, rocks, ect.  and they have been taking full advantage of the nice weather we have had lately  to make lots of "Soup"! :-)


As yo can seet form the picture below, Yonah and Jasiah have a special bond. Yonah loves to play with Jasiah's feet and blow bubbles on his belly, which makes him laugh! Jasiah also like to eat his fair share of chocolate, which he apparently has some on the edges of  his mouth in this picture. 


It's that time of year again! Time for school to start back up. Sarah always takes a picture of the kids on their first day of school, and Analia, Yonah, and DJ looking good on their first day of school. Yonah is in 10th grade this year, DJ is in 8th, and Analia is in Kindergarten

I (Jason) was blessed with the opportunity to spend some time with my good friend Pastor John Bacon and hear Bill Wease speak at Jubilee Family Church in Oskaloosa. Bill Wease is the author of the book “23 Minutes in Hell”. About 25 people gave their hearts to Jesus during this meeting! Glory to God! 

Recently, Allen Braden who is pictured below, was healed of carpel Tunnel in both of his wrists. Allen said he was not planning on attending the healing service but his wife talked him into coming! He said he was glad he listened to his wife and came to church. Allen had been suffering from sharp pain that wood start in his wrists and shoot up into both of his forearms. Whenever he tried to use his hands.


He said not only did his hands and wrists hurt, but his thumbs also hurt. He had been in constant pain for about six months straight. During the service His wife laid her hands on him through faith in the name of Jesus. After being prayed for by his wife Allen said all the pain left! During my interview with him, Allen was demonstrating with joy how he could move his hands, wrists, and thumbs with zero pain!! To God be all the glory for He has done great things! John 14:12

During a time of street ministry Mary Dupree,  who is pictured above had been suffering with pain in her upper back that radiated down into her legs. 

Mary said her pain level was very intense, on a scale from 1 to 10. 10 Being the worst, she said it was a level 10! After I laid my hand on her back and exercised faith and authority in the name of Jesus, Mary reported all the pain in her back and legs instantly left!!! When asked if there was something she could not do before without pain Mary said sitting on something hard would cause it to hurt. We asked her to sit on a near by wooden picnic table. She sat and down and was totally pain free! She got up testifying with joy and gladness how God had healed her! Mary gives God all the glory!

Jasiah just turned 1 year old on September 1st, and as you can see from the picture below, he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cake, which Sarah made in the shape of a Winnie the Pooh "honey pot"


I think Sarah did a realy good job making Jasiah's cake! What do you think? 


And whether it's Jasiah's birthday or not He always loves spending time

with his "nana" and of course "nana" always looks forward to spending time with Jasiah as well!


Thank you for taking some time out of your day to connect with us. We'd love to hear about what's been happening with you and your loved one's. Feel free to reply to this email if there is anything you'd like to share with us! 

Here is a link to my latest audio teaching titled: "Removing Road Blocks To Doing The Works of Jesus"  In this audio teaching you will learn how to protect your mind and heart from the lies of the devil that would try to hinder you from fulfiling your God given potential in Christ to minister to others like Christ did . Click here to listen: Removing Road Blocks To Doing The Works of Jesus

Jesus loves you and so do my family and I! I truly hope and pray you and those you love are doing well and prospering in all that God has called you to do!

If there is anything you'd like prayer for please feel free to contact me and let me know anytime.

Call or text me (Jason) at 515-422-2725,  or email me at

Love in Christ,

Jason Fath & Family (Sarah, Yonah, DJ, Analia, and Jasiah)

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