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 It's hard to believe the month of May is almost over! I guess time flies when the weather is nice and you are having spring time fun! Below is a new family picture we took on Sunday moring May 12th  for mothers day!  


To me when the flowers start blooming you know spring time is officially here and  of the greatest things about spring is all the new and beautiful flowers that pop in our yard free of charge! :-) lol. I am not to fond of all dandelions in our yard, but  I am glad Analia has found a good use for all our dandalions! She looks super cute in her dandalion tiara. 


Not only does spring bring with it new flowers there are also new frogs hopping around in our yard! Yonah and DJ always get a kick out of playing with the frogs! Yonah brough one in the house on her hat and it got lost inside the house! or so we thought...a few days later DJ informed us it never actually made it's way into the house! Thank God! 

IMG_20240508_154146416_HDR (1).jpg

The month of May not only brings with it frogs and flower it also bring my birthday! My birthday was on May 8th and I turned 44. It’s amazing I am 44 years old but I still feel like I am 25! Thank God for His goodness! With long life He will satisfy us and show us His salvation! 

For my birthday we when to a local Mexican eatery and I definitely enjoyed the complimentary banana split! I would have been alright with out the sombroro! I guess you do what you gotta do to get the free ice cream! 

On April 3r

Another great thing about spring time is the opportunity to go fishing! DJ loves to go fishing any chance he can get. The other day Sarah took DJ fishing for a mother and son date. They did not catch anything, alive that is! DJ did manage to snag a dead fish, which is what you see in the picture! But the important thing is they did enjoy spending time together!

Last year during our Burlington Iowa Miracle Crusade and Evangelism Outreach event Apostle David Selmon who is pictured with me to the left received healing in his knee! During the service I instructed the congregation to lay hands on each other. My son DJ who is copied into the picture with us, laid his hands on Apostle Selmon’s knee! Apostle Selmon shared his testimony on video after the service had ended. He said that he came into the service with pain and popping taking place in his knee.

however, after DJ prayed for him he was instantly healed and all the pain and popping left his knee! During Apostle Selmon's video interview he recounted other healing miracles that had taken place over the weekend, such as a young man by the name of Abraham who had torn his shoulder up during football practice. Abraham was sidelined because of his injury and facing having to sit out the entire season! He was instantly healed out on the streets! So much so that he picked up a heavy duty picnic table with the healed shoulder and arm, which was impossible for him to do moments early without great pain! We are believing for many more miracles, signs, and wonders to take place in Burlington, IA later this year!! Please keep the success of these future meetings in your thoughts and prayers! To God be all the glory for He has done great things! John 14:12 “He that believeth on Me the works that I do he shall do also and even greater works than these shall he do”

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If there is anything you'd like prayer for please feel free to contact me and let me know anytime. Call or text me (Jason) at 515-422-2725,  or email me at

Love in Christ,

Jason Fath & Family (Sarah, Yonah, DJ, Analia, and Jasiah)

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