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Things have been busy around the Fath house. Jaisah is getting bigger. He is now using small  words to communicate what he wants and he does adorable stuff everyday! He loves to wear big people clothes, no matter how over sized for him it is, he loves to put it on!

IMG_5974 (1).jpg

Not only does Jasiah like to put on over sized clothes he also likes to climb into anything and every thing he can get his hands on! Here he is trying out a plastic foam block container! He fits in it pretty well!

Not only is Jasisah growing, Yonah is growing more everyday day also and becoming a very beautiful young lady! In the picture below she is all dressed up for her winter formal dance with all of her fellow homeschool classmates. I am one pround dad! She is becoming  a fine young lady who is ministry minded.

Between the kids and the cats, there is never a dull moment at our house and that was especially true when we first acquired Prince (black cat)! Oliver was used to having the run of the house all to himself before Prince came along. So when Prince arrived Oliver was not very fond of him. But now, about seven months later they are brothers and love each other very much! It's always a blessing to see them being kinds to each other. 

Sarah V.  who is pictured below with me had given given her heart to Jesus at an evangelistic crusade shortly before coming to one of our meetings. About a week after accepting Christ she came to our meetings and received healing in her physical body! During a time of prayer for the sick, several people gathered around Sarah and laid their hands on her. Sarah was instantly healed of a ruptured blood vessel in her left arm.

During my video interview with Sarah I asked her how the blood vessel in her arm had been injured. She said it was injured from donating plasma. She rated her pain level at about a 4 or 5 and said it was a constant burning feeling in her arm that never went away! When she was prayed for all the pain instantly left at that moment! To God be all the glory for He has done great things!  (John 14:12)

Here is a link to my latest audio teaching titled: "Believe and Be Healed" In this message you will learn about some of the hinderances to healing and how to over come those hinderances to receiving healing! Click here to listen: "Believe and Be Healed"​

If there is anything you'd like prayer for please feel free to contact me and let me know anytime. Call or text me (Jason) at 515-422-2725,  or email me at

Love in Christ,

Jason Fath & Family (Sarah, Yonah, DJ, Analia, and Jasiah)

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